CIVEN METAL Copper Foil: Enhancing Battery Heating Plate Performance

With the rapid development of the electric vehicle and wearable device markets, maintaining battery performance in low-temperature environments has become increasingly important. Battery heating plates play a crucial role in ensuring battery performance, lifespan, and safety in cold weather. In this regard, copper foil produced by CIVEN METAL plays an indispensable role.

I. The battery heating plate is a device used to maintain the optimal operating temperature of batteries in low-temperature environments. It is primarily used in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and other electronic devices that require stable battery temperature management. Here’s a detailed explanation of the working principle of the battery heating plate:

The battery heating plate primarily consists of heating elements, thermal conductive materials (such as copper foil), and insulating materials. The heating elements, which can be resistance wires, Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) components, or flexible thin film heaters, are responsible for generating heat.

When power is supplied to the battery heating plate, the heating elements start generating heat. This heat is conducted through the thermal conductive material (e.g., copper foil). The high thermal conductivity of copper foil ensures that heat is quickly and evenly distributed across the entire heating plate.

As heat is conducted, the temperature of the battery heating plate gradually increases. Insulating materials prevent heat loss and ensure that heat is only conducted within the required areas.

The battery heating plate is in close contact with the battery (or battery pack), transferring heat to maintain the appropriate operating temperature of the battery in cold environments. This helps ensure optimal battery performance, lifespan, and safety.

To achieve precise temperature control, the battery heating plate is typically equipped with temperature sensors and a controller. The temperature sensors detect the real-time temperature of the battery and send the data to the controller. The controller adjusts the power output of the heating plate based on the desired target temperature, ensuring the battery operates within an ideal temperature range.

In summary, the battery heating plate works by converting electrical energy into thermal energy and utilizing the high thermal conductivity of materials like copper foil to provide constant, uniform heat to the battery, ensuring its normal operation in low-temperature environments.
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II. Advantages of CIVEN METAL copper foil in battery heating plates

High thermal conductivity: CIVEN METAL copper foil offers excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring rapid and even heat transfer to the battery, increasing heating plate efficiency.

High-purity raw materials: CIVEN METAL copper foil, made from high-purity copper materials, exhibits exceptional oxidation resistance, ensuring stable operation of the battery heating plate.

Advanced production processes: With years of technical expertise and world-leading production equipment, CIVEN METAL manufactures highly consistent copper foil products.

Customized services: CIVEN METAL offers customized copper foil products tailored to customer requirements, meeting the demands of various applications.
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Professional technical support and after-sales service: CIVEN METAL boasts an experienced technical team, providing comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to customers, ensuring worry-free usage.

In conclusion, CIVEN METAL copper foil plays a vital role in the field of battery heating plates, providing more efficient and reliable temperature control solutions for electric vehicles and wearable devices. High-quality raw materials, advanced production processes, strict quality control, and exceptional after-sales service have earned CIVEN METAL a strong reputation in the global market.
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Looking forward, as the markets for renewable energy and smart devices continue to expand, CIVEN METAL will invest in research and development and technological innovation to provide even higher-quality copper foil products for customers and support the advancement of battery heating plate technology. With CIVEN METAL’s efforts, the future of battery heating plate technology is undoubtedly bright.

Post time: May-09-2023