• High-precision RA Brass Foil

    High-precision RA Brass Foil

    High-precision copper and zinc alloy foil is an alloy foil developed by CIVEN METAL by taking advantage of our production facilities. This brass foil has higher precision, better surface finish, and better surface consistency than traditional rolled brass foil.

  • Treated RA Copper Foil

    Treated RA Copper Foil

    Treated RA copper foil is a single side roughened high precision copper foil in order to increase its peel strength. The roughened surface of copper foil likes a frosted texture, which makes it easier to laminate with other materials and less likely to peel off.

  • Nickel Plated Copper Foil

    Nickel Plated Copper Foil

    Nickel metal has high stability in air, strong passivation ability, can form a very thin passivation film in air, can resist the corrosion of alkali and acids, so that the product is chemically stable in work and alkaline environment, not easy to discolor, can only be oxidized above 600 ; nickel plating layer has strong adhesion, not easy to fall off; nickel plating layer can make the surface of material harder, can improve the product wear resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, the product wear resistance, corrosion, rust prevention performance is excellent.

  • Tin Plated Copper Foil

    Tin Plated Copper Foil

    Copper products exposed in the air are prone to oxidation and the formation of basic copper carbonate, which has high resistance, poor electrical conductivity and high power transmission loss; after tin plating, copper products form tin dioxide films in the air due to the properties of tin metal itself to prevent further oxidation.

  • Beryllium Copper Foil

    Beryllium Copper Foil

    Beryllium Copper Foil is one kind of supersaturated solid solution copper alloy which combined very good mechanical ,physical, chemical properties and corrosion resistance.

  • Copper Nickel Foil

    Copper Nickel Foil

    The copper-nickel alloy material is commonly referred to as white copper because of its silvery white surface. copper-nickel alloy is an alloy metal with a high resistivity and is generally used as an impedance material. It has a low resistivity temperature coefficient and a medium resistivity (resistivity of 0.48μΩ·m).

  • Rolled Copper Foils for Battery

    Rolled Copper Foils for Battery

    Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which is commonly known as brass because of its golden yellow surface colour. The zinc in brass makes the material harder and more resistant to abrasion, while the material also has a good tensile strength.

  • RA Bronze Foil

    RA Bronze Foil

    Bronze is an alloy material made by melting copper with some other rare or precious metals. Different combinations of alloys have different physical properties and applications.

  • High-precision RA Copper Foil

    High-precision RA Copper Foil

    High-precision rolled copper foil is a high-quality material produced by CIVEN METAL. Compared to ordinary copper foil products, it has higher purity, better surface finish, better flatness, more precise tolerances and more perfect processing properties.

  • RA Copper Foil

    RA Copper Foil

    The metal material with the highest copper content is called pure copper. It is also commonly known as red copper because of its surface appears reddish-purple colour. Copper has a high degree of flexibility and ductility.