What is electrolytic(ED) copper foil and How it make?

Electrolytic copper foil, a columnar structured metal foil, is generally said to be manufactured by chemical methods, its producing process as following: 

Dissolving: The raw material electrolytic copper sheet is put into a sulfuric acid solution to produce a copper sulfate solution.

Forming: The metal roll (usually titanium roll) is energized and put into the copper sulfate solution to rotate, the charged metal roll will adsorb the copper ions in the copper sulfate solution to the surface of the roll shaft, thus generating copper foil. The thickness of the copper foil is related to the rotation speed of the metal roll, the faster it rotates, the thinner the generated copper foil; conversely, the slower it is, the thicker it is. The surface of the copper foil generated in this way is smooth, but according to the copper foil has different surfaces on the inside and outside (one side will be connected to the metal rollers), the two sides have different roughness.

Roughening(optional): The surface of the copper foil is roughened (usually copper powder or cobalt-nickel powder is sprayed on the surface of the copper foil and then cured) to increase the roughness of the copper foil (to strengthen its peel strength). The shiny surface is also treated with a high-temperature oxidation treatment (electroplated with a layer of metal) to increase the material's ability to work at high temperatures without oxidation and discoloration.

(Note: This process is generally performed only when there is a need for such material)

Slitting or Cutting: the copper foil coil is slitted or cut into the required width in rolls or sheets according to the customer's requirements.

Testing: Cut a few samples from the finished roll for testing of composition, tensile strength, elongation, tolerance, peel strength, roughness, finish and customer requirements to ensure that the product is qualified.

Packing: Pack the finished products that meet the regulations in batches into boxes.

Post time: Aug-16-2021